“Piezoclean by Dr. Giacomo Tarquini”, the first ultrasonic cavitation system for implant decontamination

Peri-implantitis is defined as the peri-implant soft tissues inflammation associated with a progressive loss of supporting bone. With regard to the therapeutic strategy of choice, the most recent scientific evidence indicates that the surgical approach is currently considered as the treatment of choice for peri-implantitis. The most debated and controversial aspect, issue has been certainly that one related to the implant surface decontamination: although different methods (chemical, mechanical or manual) have been described over the years, we have not yet reached a consensus on which is the most effective decontamination protocol among all those proposed so far. Taking advantage of the well-known bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties of ultrasound, the use of the new device "PIEZOCLEAN by Dr. Giacomo Tarquini" is particularly useful since it allows access even to the most inaccessible areas, such as the implant thread, the micro and nano roughness of the surface and the internal housing of the connecting screw, unlike what happens with traditional instruments, such as curettes or rotary instruments.

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