About us

Since 1999, surgycal procedures problems solving.

Our mission

Esacrom has been founded in 1999 thanks to the sharing of ideas, about the scientific research and new technologies development, by some technical experts in electronics.

The solutions proposed so far have proved often of excellence in the various sectors in which we operate. The continuous research  of  our  engineers  has  produced  over  time numerous and tangible benefits for professionals and patients. The  improved operational procedures combined the high efficiency of appliances and tools have allowed simplification of surgery procedures and on the other a significant improvement in life patients’ quality.

Esacrom, one more step in ultrasonic surgery.


Esacrom  believes  in the importance  of continuing training and for this purpose organizes different types of courses in Italy and around the world.

For proper inserts’ use, the parameters managing, knowledge of operating mode, acquisition of Innovative techniques and procedure for the implant site preparation is suggested the joining to Esacrom dedicated training courses.

Basic Course

To whom who approaches ultrasonic surgery.  For small groups, in the company or in Clinic,to learn the usage of ultrasonic devices, and its physical and mechanical application.

Advanced Course

For individual or for small groups, possibility of customization. Study on the several surgycal application through videos, Live Surgery, hands-on on simulators, surgery on patients with a tutor’s support.

Physic lab Course

Theorical practical study on the main physical or mechanical principal of ultrasonic and on the techniques of usage of surgycal tips based on the different materials, finishing and shapes.

Anatomic dissection Course

Anatomic  theorical-practical  study.  Hands-on  with  our  ultrasonic medical devices are made on cadavers and in comparison with traditional techniques.

Customer satisfaction after sales

Esacrom believes in the importance to support customers.

  • Possibility to subscribe the Service card / Warranty extention
  • Substitutive device for temporary replacement during repair
  • Phone customer care assistance
  • Training and hands-on in the clinic
  • Special discount on the purchase of accessorise and consumables
  • Free training for technical operators on the maintenance and repair of the electronic equipment